Monday, March 18, 2013


 The Victim, oops, we mean the dinner.  Here the Elders are PreParing to Put the Pig in a bag for transPort to the Tsito building.

 Elder Pouniu riding in the back with the Pig.

 This Person is David of Tsito who helPed us gather the wood for the fire. He then cut the branches off a mango tree so the leaves could be Placed inside the Pig.

 Elder Thompson with the mango leaves and Elders Mauga and Pouniu getting the wood out of the Pickup truck.

 Stones were gathered so they could be heated to cook the Pig.

 Let us take our hats off in memory of the Pig.  After heating the stones, they wrapped the Pig in banana leaves and covered it with Palm leaves.  Then it was Placed on the hot rocks.  The slow roasting begins.

 Elder Mauga and Sister Lyon Patiently waiting for the Pig to be done.

 After a Period of time, Elders Mauga and Pouniu uncover the cooked Pig and begin PreParations to transPort the Pig to be cut up for our meal.

 Because the Pork is very hot, they have to use the banana leaves as hotPads.

 Elders Poniu, Mauga and Ross transPorting the Pig.

 Elder Bens as he wonders "What are we going to do with all this Pork?"

 The PreParations as Elders look anxiously on waiting for a taste of the delicious Pork.

 In Ghana, only the finest, as you see by this lovely table PreParation.

 The wonderful meal we had consisted of Pork, baked beans, fruit salad, jollof rice and of course for dessert, Ghana chocolate cake.

 The Elders enjoying their meal in the kitchen.

 After a great meal of Pork, the Elders Conteh and Pouniu settle down for a nap on a most comfortable bed of cardboard on cement.

GrouP shot, taken by Sister Lyon (that's why she's not in the Photo)

Yes, most P-Days are filled with the drudgery of washing and cleaning. Then sPending some haPPy time in the internet cafe emailing family and President Judd.  But occasionally comes a day that can be enjoyed by the association with other Elders of the mission and of course a good meal of slow roasted Pork. Thank you Elders so much for your PreParations, for Providing us with this wonderful day and memorable meal.  Sorry, Sorry, Sorry to the Pig but it did taste very good.

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