Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas In January?

He was visiting us, sent by our grand-daughter Olivia and we just couldn't keep him out of the photos.  What a camera hog.  Here he is with 2 of the packages that were sent.

 The contents of the packages as we get ready to assort them for delivery.  Stanley was amazed by his bounteous goodies.  He then decided it would be much more fun to play Santa Claus instead.

 Surprised and excited to see what's inside the box wrapped Ghanaian style.

 Digging in to see what the box contains for them.

 Yay, the dress for Bernice fits.

 Next we went to another family where there were plenty children, and adults too.  Lots of joy was brought to both young and old.

 There were coloring books and colored pencils in the box.  They were thrilled to be given just a few pages and a couple of pencils.

 LOOK! I got a car.

 Dressed in their pretty new clothes with papers and pencils in hand.

 We wish to thank you very much for the wonderful gifts.  Patience, a mother of some of the children wanted to know if our children who sent these gifts were coming to see us.  She wanted to thank them personally for the joy they brought to her family.

 All dressed in their brand new clothes as they get ready for church.

 This is Prince, Foster and Abigale also affectionately know as our "Porch Children".  They come over almost every Sunday afternoon.  We sit with them on our porch where we read, help them with homework and play games.  They are very grateful for the gifts they were given.

 Prince and Foster trying "Pop Rocks" for the first time.  They didn't quite know what to make of them.

Sorry, sorry, sorry (must repeat 3 times here) but when we saw the chocolate covered marshmallow Santa Claus's, the mini Hershey bars and the Christmas marshmallow treats, we knew they must have put them in for us.

Those who participated by sending gifts or money to help buy the gifts don't realize how much joy they brought to those that received them.  The people here have so little, so anything they receive is very much appreciated.  They have a custom here when you are given a gift or a person does service for you, they call or visit you the very next day to thank you for your generosity.  We also wish to thank those who sacrificed and were so generous in helping to bring much joy into the lives of so many who have so little.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


"H" is for Helping Hands as they move their store to some place New.

 "A" is for an artist who Yearly performs in the streets

 "P" is for a New game we taught the Young Single Adults using presents.  It was the right/left game.  There was a story read and every time you heard the word right, you passed your present to the person on the right.  The same when the word left was used.  They loved this New game.

 "P" is for a parade of school children as they begin the New Year in School.

 "Y" is for Yayra (in blue) with her family, a Newly baptized member of the Ho Branch.

 "N" is for the New flowers we saw on our morning walk.  We had never seen these before this Year and we walk by the place frequently. 

 "E" is for the evening sun.  Every evening during Harmatan we see a New sky.

 "W" is for the Western Green Mamba we saw on our way to Wli Falls.  This is a New one for us this Year.

 "Y" is for Yvonne the New little girl.

 "E" is for elegant, the way this woman looks who is New to our branch.

 "A" is for apparel.  The New apparel that Raymond, his wife Veronica and their son Benjamin are wearing.  Their New clothes were made by Veronica.

"R" is for the New red trees that are flowering in the forest.
These are some of the New things we have seen this Year.  Hope you and yours have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.   Or as they say here, "Happy New Year, Many Happy Returns and May You Have A Prosperous Year".